Finished my appointment with my psychologist. Very needed to let go of things and emotions. I am feeling happy and looking forward to my vacations, I am getting the hang of wordpress and starting to actually like it! (More descriptive posts to come).


I went to the gym and ate healthy, I feel like I am making progress but I still need to eat more and follow my routine… Photos to be uploaded (needed to check my progress).

Friday Fotos: Arizona’s Spectacular Monsoon Storms

Planning on going to study to Arizona, this looks great.

Arizona Highways

Glenn Tamblingson‎ | Grand Canyon Glenn Tamblingson‎ | Grand Canyon

“Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.” — John Updike

Another beautiful Friday Fotos gallery. Thank you for sharing your photographs of Arizona’s amazing monsoon storms. Let’s hope they come soon.


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School Activities & Concerns

Going to school to pay the month… Feeling stressed a little stressed out about my whole increasing my GPA thing and ASU applications besidessssssss USE’s (work & travel) application and selection of employers… Looking forward to get real vacations, and by that I mean not having to do anything! (Hi, Kelcey)

What’s your idea of fun? Contribute to a TED crowdsourced video

I love TED! Watch the video its great

TED Blog

Fun: it comes in many shapes, sizes, temperatures and forms. What does fun mean to you?

We are creating a crowdsourced video about what fun looks like all over the world, and would love to see your contribution! This week, take a few minutes to make a video of fun in action and send it to us. You might see your definition of fun on soon.

Watch the video above to see what kind of footage we’re looking for. Ideally, we’d like clips that are 5 to 15 seconds long, that show fun as it happens rather than someone talking about it after the fact. HD footage of activities is preferred, but we are open to anything … as long as you keep it clean. Bonus points if you show something unique to your town or your country! We’ll be accepting submissions through Monday, July 7th.

Here are four…

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WordPress newbie

So I am following this step by step instructions to know how to use wordpress. To be honest it looks like an interesting site, there is just so much! I am not normally the type of person that posts a lot of things, I prefer following more blogs and read (which I have been doing)… Let us see how it goes!